Today we went to some markets to buy pieces of cloth. We went to buy cloth because we needed it for the fashion show performance on Chinese new year. My group has bought light blue cotton cloths (5 yards), a 2-inched button out of wood, and we bought some light blue thread. I had a great time!

Math assesment 01/24/2010
2 days ago, I started a math assesment. Right now I am bloging about 1 of the problems that I like and want to blog about. I want to blog about number 12 because it is what I was most good with in the test.
2 days ago, my dad's cliant steve watson, invited my family to their house in their yacht. it was very cool there. steve watson had a daghter named catherine, 2 sons named charles and william, and a wife. the boat was B-I-G! it has 5 levels. 2 are the basements, 1 is the middle and the entrance, 1 is the place wher they drive the boat, and 1 is the roof. it was a nice boat.
This time, its not a field trip.(we don't go to them, they come to us.) This happened 3 days ago. This person was Ella and Ellen's preist. Luthuric is a kind of christianity. I learned that in Luthuric ways the new born babies will be baptized but the babies don't know what they are doing to them. This time he made almost perfect sense. when a priest baptizes someone, he wheres something called a pulpit robe.
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Today we went to the Chi Lin Nunnery. It was a very long bus ride. We went there because we wanted to get information about Buddhism. I didn't learn much because we did not have a host. Anyway I learned that the Buddhism ways are very peaceful because I saw that the garden was VERY BEAUTIFUL. I had a great time.
Today we went to the Islamic centre because we wanted to learn something. Our host was a man named Imam Yang(yee-maam yang). I didn't learn much because Imam didn't make any sense to me. At least I learned that the people of Islam had to clean them selfs before they pray. I also learned that they had to separate the male and the female because they need full contintration when they pray. The female praying hall is right on top of the mens prayer hall and there is a window between the mens and the ladies.

Goals 01/03/2010
My goal for 2010 is to get better at handing in homework on time because I use to be very bad at reading response journal + Reading log. So that's why my goal is to get better at homework timing. My strategy for accomplishing my goal is to write all my homework on my calender and write when its due.