Profile For Me 03/29/2010
A few weeks ago, Andy asked us to write a blog post about our profiles that we chose at the begining of the year. So here is the blog post: As you can see in the picture below, you can see a picture of me and what profile star I am which is caring. I also wrote down why I am caring. If you cannot read it, click here. anyway, I was supposed to have 3 profile stars but in the picture, I only have 1. So after caring, I thought I was a risk taker because in P.E. Gymnastics, all those flips and all looked very painful but I tried it anyway(I hurt myself). I think I am also balanced because I try to stay healthy by exersizing(recess/lunch) and eating well(not important) but that is why I think I am balanced. So those are my 3 profiles for me!