4 days ago, we had sports day. We played lots of games. Click here to see some pictures. There were teams of animals. There was the blue dragons, the pandas, the tigers, and the phoenix.
So the first thing we did was find a place to put our bags and at the same time, we watched the high school students race. Then we did a soccer shooting game and in total, it was all 60 goals! then the next thing we did was a game called baseball blast. It is a game about baseball that which gender can hit the farthest? The next thing we did was have a break. Then we did a game called buckets of fun. It is when you use the spunges to carry water from one bucket to another. Then we played a game about throwing and catching a tennis ball from person to person as a race. And then we had lunch. Then we did a game called late for school. It is when you run somewhere and put on the clothes come back, go back to the place where you got the clothes, take your clothes off, and come back. It was quite an embbarising game. So then we had the class races. And then it was the end of sports day. It was a fun day.