This is the last week of our exhibition until we need to present TO THE WHOLE SCHOOL INCLUDING PARENTS, FRIENDS, GRANDPARENTS AND ALL!
We are going to present our information by: K3-Y1 is going to be doing some games, puzzles, and they can also be quizzed. Same with Y2-Y4, but harder! And with Y6-Y10, we are going to make something REALLY HARD for them. We still need to know what kind of information we could present and what to present. if we wanted to, we could do some kind of experement on water, wood, and other cool stuff. One of my worries is that if someone asks a question, and non of us know the answer, that is my concern. And our information has to be: S.pecific, M.easurable, A.ctionable, R.elevant, and T.ime-bound, which ='s S.M.A.R.T.! I think My group is trying their best and putting lots of effort into this prodject. I also think I have done well to.
Right now, we are going to make models of animals we are focusing on out of orgami and out of orgami we are going to make 2 birds, a nest, and 3 eggs(which is the babies). I think we are doing pretty good so far.
For the exhibition group, my group is going to go on a field trip to either ocean park or Hong kong wetlands park or of course mabee we will go to both places. Click here to see the blog post about it. The endangered wetland animals group is going to collect information while we go on the field trips. We don't know when we are going to have a field trip yet but if you want to come, be my guest BUT WAIT, you also have to collect information.
The blog asked us to write a blog post about our exhibition problem and group. Well, one of OUR problems is how are we going to take action(how can we get a reservation for a field trip?)? I think that problem is important because it says in S.M.A.R.T. , the A represents "actionable" which means take action locally. And another reason why it is important is because our main goal includes taking action. 
For the wetlands, I am trying to find facts on the black faced spoonbill, the dragonfly, the Chinese otter, a Siamese fighting fish, a Alligator, and a type of Turtle.
We have been working on the exhibition and we have to take action locally in order to save our planet. So ways we can take action locally:
  • Field trips
  • volunteering
  • advertisements
  • interview experts
The Ideas for the exhibition were:
  • endangered animals
  • child labour
  • water pollution
  • air pollution
  • litter
  • wasting electric power
  • Poaching
  • endangered plants
  • deforestation
  • smoking