I chose this page to link to because I thought that I did very well in TRYING to organize a field trip to the Wetland Park. What was hard was booking a field trip AT A DATE. But sadly, the
Exhibition finished!


Hi. Welcome to the exhibition page. My group is working on endangered animals in the wetlands.

Group Members

Email person:Scott
Idea maker:Lucinda
Mentor:Sonya Yong


Why are animals in the wetlands being endangered?
for food, coats, etc.
What kind of animals are being endangered?
Otters, Black-Faced Spoonbill, Siamese fighting fish, Alligator, Dragonfly, and Gopher Turtoise.
When did animals in the wetlands start being endangered?
a long long long long long long time ago.
How do they endanger the wetland animals?
Because they like whats on them.

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Random picture of a Chinese Otter