Today, We went to the cathedral church, and we met a guy named Father Desmond. He was the priest. He told us lots of stories. We all took lots of notes as he spoke. He showed us a crook. He also showed us how to use it but we didn't get to try. It was pretty boring because he had a very quiet voice and all we did was sit, watch, and take notes. But he shouted just to wake us up. so in front of our seat, There was a book stand, a mat and a book with songs inside.
Today, we went to the Sikh temple to learn, watch, and respected the way of Sikhism. My favorite part of the trip was when they served us lunch. They served spicey  curry(2 kinds), water, rice, and chapatti. So the first thing we had to do when we got to the Sikh temple was take our shoes off, wash our hands, and watch other people pray. Then we went to the classroom there at the sikh temple and learned things and ask questions.
Today we discussed about tatoos, piercings, hanna's and so on. The first thing we did was talk about it and then we split into groups. I was in a group of piercings. My group was Bryn, Nathan, lelanie, Pheobe, Savvanah,  and some other people I do not remember. We did not like our groups so we split into smaller groups. 1 boys group and 2 girls groups. we used computers for reaserch. It still was a OK time.
Today, We interveiwed Grant Millard. Most people voted for Steven Dare because he was reasonable,young(for an adault) and tall. The Vote was 19 vs. 10. We had trillions of questoins to ask BOTH of them! Anyway, I still had a good time. Bye!
Today I did not go to the temple thing because I was absent. If I was there, I would have so many questons to ask. I bet I would of had a good time.

2 Days ago, I awas sharing my bag of beliefs. You have to bring around 5 things that have something special about you. I brought a yellow golf ball my dad gave to me a year ago. I also brought my teakwondo shirt because its my favorite sport in the world. And I brought a pictue of my friends whe I was 5 years old, a knife that explains that I like to cook, And a soccer ball with my favorite soccer players autogragh. And people also shared their bag of beliefs with me also!





Yesterday, my buddy(Noah) shared a book he made himself about the alphabet. Then I showed my buddy my website that i'm showing you now. we had a great time.
You are probely wondering why there are 2 AIRs Day 4s, Well its because there were 2 artists in resinince lessons on the same day. Anyway, we went to a artist that represents music. His name was Waren. What we did was that we invented our own song about a famous singer named Merlin Monro. Only most of the girls enjoyed it because it was a high tuned song but some boys enjoyed it like me. I enjoyed it because music is my favorite subject.
Yesterday it was a normal day of AIR. All we did was paint and make more bottles. I would say that the accurucy of that day would be so-so. I didn't like the day a little bit because all we did was edit bottles.
Today was the last day of making the serpent. And today, we finished the serpent! It took in total,108 bottles to make the 10 meter snake. our secret is teamwork. Our materials were wire,bottles, string, paint, paper, and tape.we are all proud of our work. We made a few mistakes but its still good.