This is what I did in Camp(in Tung Lung Chan):Day 1,The first thing I did in camp was set up the tents. Then we met our groups and our group name was the PURPLE COBRAZ. Then we had lunch. And Then we did some journal writing. And we did some practice abseiling. Then we had a group meeting. And then we had dinner. Then we played a game called intruder. Then we went to bed.Day 2,First we had journal writing. Then we had to do some exersizes. Then we had tent clean up. Then we had breakfast.And then we had to do cowstail. Then hiking to real abseil. Then abseil.Then we fixlined to camp, then we had lunch. Then we had rock climbing, then dinner, then bedtime.Day 3,First we had exersizes, then we had breakfast, then we fixlined to tyrolian. Then we fixlined to top of the mountain, then we walked to the campsite. Then we went to do beach clean up, then we had lunch. Then we had the amazing race, then we wrote in our journal. Then we had dinner and then bedtime.Day 4, We packed up,then we left the camp.