Today we went to play some sports at the field near Kennedy school. They only played Soccer, Dodgeball, running races and tug-of-war. There was team 1 and team 2. I was at team 1. So we played 2 Soccer matches, 2 dodgeball matches(one game was adults and teenage vs. each other, and aged 5-11 vs. each other), 2 running races,(one 5-18 age match, and one 12-45 match), and 3 tug of war matches(4-11 vs. 12-18, 4-11 vs. 12-45, and ages 12-18 moms, and 4-11 moms). So team 1 got 70 points and team 2 got 40 points. I had a great time because I like to do sports.