2 days ago, my family and a few other families went on a trip to Noah's ark. We slept there for a day(in a hotel). It was meant for an adult church program, but they thought the children would have a good time to. They were right. I did have a good time. So read the diary:

Day 1:
So we went on the ferry to ma-wan-shan(Noah's ark) then we checked out our hotel rooms. Then we unpacked. And then we went to have dinner. Then we played some board games, then went to bed.

Day 2:
First we had breakfast, then we played tag, hide and seek, and other games like that. Then we went exploring around Noah's ark, then we had lunch. Then we went to the beach to play. They buried me and another person and we saw which person can get out the fastest, and it was me. Then I washed all the sand off me, and we went off the island.