Welcome to the Parent Teacher Student Conference where you can see where I improved in grade 5 this year compared to K4 to G4. I think I have improved on my writing and I will show you the writing I am proud of here. I also think that I have improved on my reading because my expression has gotten better from last year. Not only that my expression has gotten better, but also reading hard and long words. Getting better at reading was actually one of my goals. I also did UOI(unit of inquiry) and the one I think I did the best at was the PYP exhibition sharing the planet. During this unit, I did lots of paperwork and computer-work. I am going to show one of my work which is this. Then, after UOI, I am going to show my profile here. I am proud of my profile because I think I graded myself in a good way. Now I am going to show how much I improved on my math. I want to show this piece of work because I want to show how proud I am.