PROBLEM:You must spend all of the money. You nest spend it on 5 different things. You need to give the amounts that you will spend on each as well as the percentage and fractional equivalents.

ANSWER:I can spend $1,000,000 on: a laptop($10,000-1/100-1%), a NICE house(900,000-90/100-90%), a pet snake(1,000-1/1,000-0.001%), a game(1,000-1/1,000-0.001%), and a nice car(88,000-88/1,000-0.088%).
Green: money cost
blue: fraction
red: percent
03/09/2010 02:52

Wow that is a really expensive laptop! Is it the same price as a house? I think you need to check some of your prices again. A wii is not 200,000 I think it is much cheaper.

03/16/2010 11:24

WHAT!!??? thats alot of money for a laptop and a wii game. what state are you in?


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