We had our exhibition and right now I am reflecting on it. I think I did well on presenting the posters because:
1. It was very detailed and had lots of things and would say almost everything we know.
2. It was very good looking.
3. I enjoyed doing it.
Just because the exhibition presentation is over, it does not mean sharing the planet is over. we are going still planning to do the volunteer program around end of may. Click here for more info about the volunteer program.
 What I could of done better was get along with my group members better.

우리는 우리의 전람이 있고 지금 나는 그것에 반영하고 있다. 나는 다음의 이유로 나가 포스터 선물에 잘 했다는 것을 생각한다:
한국어 1. 그것에는 아주 상세하 것의 제비가 있고 우리가 알고 있는 거의 모두 밝힐 것입니다. 2. 그것은 아주 좋은 보는이었다. 3. 나는 그것을 하는 즐겼다.
다만 전람 발표는 끝나기 때문에, 공유해서 끝난ㄴ다는 것을 의미하지 않는다 행성을. 우리는 일지모른다 아직도 끝의 주위에 자발적인 프로그램을의 하는 것을 계획 려고 하고 있다. 자발적인 프로그램에 관하여 정보 더를 위해 여기에서 누르십시오. 나가 잘 할 수 있던 무엇을 잘 사이좋게 지낸다 나의 그룹 일원을 이었다.
2 nights ago, I went to the HKA Transition Dance. The music was a little bit too noisy that I couldn't here myself scream but I liked the music. The song I liked the most was called, "High Way to Hell". And Armon in grade 6 was dancing like Michael Jackson, and obviously the song called," Just Beat It".
Today our first guests for the exhibition(g4+g4 Parents) came and we all told them about our information and our groups. After the presentation, we had a break and we played basketball, and soccer. I did not get a chance to do soccer because I was eating my lunch. After the G4 guests, we went home and came back to school for the exhibition parent night where we do our speeches. We also had K3, K4, K5, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y6, Y7, Y8, Y9, and Y10.
Today we went to play some sports at the field near Kennedy school. They only played Soccer, Dodgeball, running races and tug-of-war. There was team 1 and team 2. I was at team 1. So we played 2 Soccer matches, 2 dodgeball matches(one game was adults and teenage vs. each other, and aged 5-11 vs. each other), 2 running races,(one 5-18 age match, and one 12-45 match), and 3 tug of war matches(4-11 vs. 12-18, 4-11 vs. 12-45, and ages 12-18 moms, and 4-11 moms). So team 1 got 70 points and team 2 got 40 points. I had a great time because I like to do sports.
2 days ago, my family and a few other families went on a trip to Noah's ark. We slept there for a day(in a hotel). It was meant for an adult church program, but they thought the children would have a good time to. They were right. I did have a good time. So read the diary:

Day 1:
So we went on the ferry to ma-wan-shan(Noah's ark) then we checked out our hotel rooms. Then we unpacked. And then we went to have dinner. Then we played some board games, then went to bed.

Day 2:
First we had breakfast, then we played tag, hide and seek, and other games like that. Then we went exploring around Noah's ark, then we had lunch. Then we went to the beach to play. They buried me and another person and we saw which person can get out the fastest, and it was me. Then I washed all the sand off me, and we went off the island.
This is my rubric for exhibition.
Today I had my Netball tournament with Dawson, Dorothy, Darcy, Imogen, Kia, Nebuti, Hailey, and me. I had a great time because Netball is ONE OF MY FAVORITE sports. In the 1st round, we won(3-1) and in the 2nd round, we lost(6-2) BECAUSE A FEW PLAYERS HAD TO LEAVE.
Last night, I was watching a movie called Iron Man 2. It was twice as better than Iron Man 1. I thoght it was better because there was more action, and Ironman gets a parthner and there was a little comedy. I watched it with my mom and dad.
I like ninjas.