2 nights ago, I had a sleepover with my friend from church. His name is Nathan Han(한태윤). So It all started after a church programe called Awana(아와나). Awana is a programe about being a Christian. So after Awana, we went to his house and we went Ice-skating for about 1 hour and 20 miniutes. Then we went to his house and we played some Wii sports. Wii is a game connected to TV and remote's and we did some sports such as: Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Boxing, etc. After we played wii, we had some dinner at a pizza resturant and then went to bed(around 10:00). Then I woke up around 7:00 but, NATHAN'S WHOLE FAMILY WOKE UP AT 9:00! Then we got ready to go to church, and then we had breakfast at Mcdonalds. We had some hambugers and hashbrowns. And then the sleepover was over.
05/17/2010 22:59

Where did you go ice skating? I want to go too! what's your favorite game in Wii? I've played boxing and tennis before. It's fun!

05/20/2010 00:48

I hope you thanked Nathan's parents for letting you sleep over. Next time we should invite them over to do something fun.


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