For the Student Led conference, I would like to show my parents a variety of things that I have done:


I want to show my parents my effort in THE EXHIBITION, because I put lots of effort into the Exhibition by trying to take action on saving the wetlands and the animals that live there.
 I also want to show my parents how much I like learning about space. I like learning about space because I always wanted to know how many stars there are in the universe.


I would also like to show the hard work I put in for the Music concert: SONG1, SONG2, and SONG 3. I enjoyed LATIN FIRE because it was easy, and I like easy songs. The reason I like easy songs is because it is easier for me to breathe. The thing that was hard about this song was watching Miss Merendino's conducting so everyone had to be on the same beat. I think that I have improved from 4th grade because my pitch was all wrong in 4th grade but in 5th grade, I became the best trombone player. I did not like the song attack of the slide trombones because it really tires me out. Some of the measures in this song were easy, but the REST WAS HARD! I think I did a lot of practice for the concert. Guantanamera was my favorite song. I liked it because when there  were less than 2 instruments playing, but it sounded horrible! But  when the whole band was playing, it sounded GREAT! Nothing really was hard about it.

 I would also want to show my parents how I can improve on Mathletics (getting more points). So far, I think I worked very hard on getting these certificates attached to the link that said Mathletics. I also think that I improved on getting my math homework done on time or a little earlier. I have done subjects in math such as:
-     Normal math(+,-,x,/,)
-     Shapes
-     Area
-     +ing fractions
-      -ing fractions
-     x ing fractions
-      / ing fractions
-     %s
-     Geometry
I enjoyed all of them except for +, -,x, /, on fractions.

I also want to show how I am doing in PE. Doing sports is one of my favorite things because I liked to be active. We did lots of sports like:
-And other ones.
The ones I liked doing was: Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, and Basketball. The ones I did not like doing was Swimming and Dancing. I did not like Swimming because it really tires my arms, and I do not like Dancing because you have to dance with the opposite gender.

Goal 1: Be more of a Thinker.
Goal 2: Make more friends. Be more respectful.
Goal 3: Focus on homework when at home.

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