Chapter 4 06/06/2010
"He's the one who should be going to jail! Its Him!" said Mac. "Me? How exactly is it me?" said the man. "uh, because, uh, he killed my army!" said Mac. "you killed my army. We both ran out of gunpowder so we couldn't shoot and you killed my army!" said Mac. "We both killed each others army." said the man. "you tried to kill my family!" "alright now, you are going to jail."said the officer. "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Mac. And so the Man's family lived normally ever after. THE END!
Chapter 3 02/25/2010
Fiction story chapter 3

“Can’t we just by more food?” Asked the man. “No actually, we are running low on money.” Said the wife. “I am going out to get our food back.” Said the man. Then he went back to the Canadian forest and the exact same thing happened except for they were monkeys. Then he came home and noticed that his house was full of gorillas and bears that tied up the his family. “What do you want this time?” asked the man. “We serve king Mac!” Said the bears and gorillas. “Who is king Mac?” The mans son asked. “My swarm enemy!” The man said. Then Mac came out. “I am so gonna beat you in a war. I got so many bears and gorillas! How are you gonna beat me?” said Mac. “First of all, who said anything about war? Second, I have hope.” then the man whistled. then the snake army and the monkey army came to the man’s side. Then the snake emperor and the monkey emperor came to them. “We are always with you.” They said at the same time. Then everyone said, “LETS BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!” Then every one died except for the man and his family, the monkey emperor, the snake emperor and Mac. Then the man charged at Mac. The snake and monkey emperor helped. “Quick! Call the cops!” The man said. The wife rushed to the phone and called the cops. Then in 5 minutes the cops came and said, “Who should I arrest here?” Then Mac pointed at the man. But the man, snake emperor, and monkey emperor pointed at Mac, then Mac got out his gun and tried to shoot the man. Luckily Mac's gun was out of gun-powder. Then he ran away. But he tripped over a rope that the snake emperor set up before the war. Then he was pointed at with lots and lots of guns.
Chapter 2 02/24/2010
Fiction story Chapter 2

“I know what I must do to save my family!" So he went back to the Canadian forest and tried to look for snakes. The only snake he found was a cobra! It was standing in front of a big flat rock. It spit all its venom on the rock and it made words! it said, “If you are looking for the great Emperor snake, follow me!” So he followed the cobra and ended up in a snake traditional castle! It had a 2 squares of the snake army. 1 of the squares were cobras and the other square were full of pythons! At the top, there was the King snake. The first thing it said was, “do you care for nature?” Then the man said, “yes.” Then the snake said, “without the crystals you stole, we cannot survive much longer!” Then the snake emperor pointed to a tomb that the rock labeled snake emperor. “If I end up in here, we will kill your family. If we survive, we will sphere your family. “here.” the man said. “take the crystals and give me back my family!” So the man threw the bag of crystals in front of the snake emperor, freed his family, and went home. Then when he got home, he saw that all our food was stolen! Then he saw a paper with baby handwriting. It said, “If you want your food back, you will return the rocks that you stole. They are very special to us! sign the monkey emperor.” To Be continued(again)! daun daun...
Chapter 1 02/24/2010
Fiction Story chapter 1

The wife is counting everyones money carefully. dollar by dollar, cent by cent, and she went to see me and said that were running low on money! What will we do? She told everyone to run to the computers and searched how to get a normal amount of money(more than $10,000HKD). They all found the same option at the same time which is, “Go to the forest in canada and once you spot 4 snakes together, under them will be some beautiful rocks, and crystals. You will need to bring a compass. That will lead you to where the crystals and rocks are. The crystals have a special ability that can lead compasses to them. Take as many as you can and come home. Then trade it for money and have a nice life. Written by Nicholas Edward, the famous explorer.
 So the man walked to the phone and asked for 1 plane ticket. And so the man was already on the journey to the Canadian forest. So he spotted 4 snakes together, went under them, collected the rocks and crystals, and when he was on his way out of the forest, he saw a bunch of gorillas and bears guarding the way out. So he set up a camp in the center of the forest to wait for the bears and gorillas to go away. So he went to sleep. It was 7:00 in the morning. He felt something wrong. But then he realized he was in the middle of a dessert. It was because the gorillas and bears brought him there. All he had was the crystals and rocks, a compass, and a phone that can only send messages. Just then he got a message from his family saying,”Here is a tip if U R lost: I have located U. U are at the south part of canada. We R at the north part of canada looking for U. Come north so we can find U.” So he went north, found his family, and went home. He traded the Rocks and crystals, got his money, and went home. “I’M HOME!” he shouted. But nobody answered. He went to his wife’s room. There was a message said,”If you want to see your family again, you will meet me at the Canadian forest and return the crystals and rocks. -The Snake emperor. To Be Continued...daun...daun...